How long should a walking cane be?

Answer On One Hand: An Exact MeasurementTo get an exact measurement for your walking cane, both Walking Cane Depot and Regal Canes suggest that you do the following. Purchase an average sized cane. Remove... Read More »

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Instructions on Using a Cane for Walking?

Constructed of wood, plastic or metal, canes help people who have difficulty walking on their own as the result of an injury or condition. If you have broken bones in your foot or have had a stroke... Read More »

Who invented the walking cane?

Ancient Egyptians buried elaborate walking sticks with pharaohs to help them walk in the afterlife. In the late 15th century, under King Henry VIII in England, the term "cane" was applied to walki... Read More »

What is an african walking cane?

African walking sticks are part of Africa's long tradition of superb wood carving. African carvings, among the finest in the world, strongly influenced the work of Western artists, including Picass... Read More »

How to Learn to Carve a Cane & a Walking Stick?

Canes and walking sticks are common woodcarving projects. The same techniques are used in carving both a cane and a walking stick. A cane is shorter than a walking stick, and the weight is placed o... Read More »