How long should a tea length dress be?

Answer A tea length dress has a bottom hem that can fall anywhere from just below the knee to just above the ankle. Most store-bought tea length dresses come to a woman's mid-calf. The actual inches from ... Read More »

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How long is a street length dress?

From the name, you might think a street-length dress would be very long, but a street-length dress actually falls just below the knee. It is shorter than a tea-length dress and longer than a mini.S... Read More »

How Long Should a Full-Length Mirror Be?

Dressing well requires that you examine yourself in a full-length mirror. Checking your hemline or trouser length can help you relax before you walk out the door. A full-length mirror will reveal h... Read More »

How long should a full length mirror be?

Full length mirrors typically are 65 to 75 inches long, making it possible for a 6-foot individual to completely see himself in the mirror. The mirrors are great for the back of a door, at the end ... Read More »

How long should floor length dresses be?

A floor length dress is measured from hollow (just below the neck) to your heel, when you're not wearing any shoes. For a dress that is a size two, this length is 58 inches. A size 14 dress would b... Read More »