How long should a tablecloth be?

Answer On One Hand: Go All the Way For DisplayWhen using a tablecloth to serve food or display an array of items, a table covering that reaches the floor is often preferred. The height of the average dini... Read More »

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How Big Should a Tablecloth Be?

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How Much Drop Should a Tablecloth Have?

The appearance of your business card conveys almost as much information to potential customers as the information on the card itself. Black marks from paper clips may cover contact information, imp... Read More »

How do I get wax off a tablecloth?

Wax RemovalPlace the tablecloth in your freezer for and hour or two, until the wax hardens. Gently scrape the frozen wax from the fabric with a spatula. Hold the spatula at an angle and avoid press... Read More »

How to Get Wax Off a Tablecloth?

There is no doubt that candles add a lot to a centerpiece, but sometimes they drip wax and make a mess on your tablecloth. Although your first thought may be to throw the tablecloth away, removing ... Read More »