How long should a mother nurse a baby at each feeding?

Answer On One Hand: Feeding on DemandFeeding a baby whenever he cries or indicates hunger is known as feeding on demand. This involves letting the child nurse until he stops on his own. Some infants will ... Read More »

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Mother can trasmit hiv to her baby trough breast feeding?

How Often Should a Mother Nurse Her Baby?

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How long does a baby nurse?

Newborn babies often nurse up to 20 minutes on each breast, while older babies may only take between five and 10 minutes. When to wean a baby from nursing depends on the preferences of the mother a... Read More »

How long do you nurse a baby before burping?

On One Hand: Breastfed Babies Often Don't Need BurpingWhen babies feed--especially from a bottle--they sometimes swallow extra air that can make them uncomfortable, and burping helps relieve this d... Read More »