How long should a mattress last?

Answer The average life span for a mattress in regular use is five to seven years. Little-used mattresses may last longer, while poor quality mattresses may degrade sooner. The best way to evaluate whethe... Read More »

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How long is a twin mattress?

A standard twin mattress is 75 inches long, and an extra long twin mattress is 80 inches long. The standard width is 39 inches. A twin mattress is most often used for children's rooms, daybeds and ... Read More »

How long is an xl twin mattress?

An extra-long twin bed is approximately 80 inches long. Extra-long twin beds are 5 inches longer than regular twin beds, which are 75 inches long. Both regular and extra-long twin beds are 39 inche... Read More »

How long does a Tempurpedic mattress last?

One of the many benefits offered by Tempur-Pedic is a 20-year limited warranty on their mattresses. The memory foam mattresses do not require any maintenance, such as flipping or rotation.Source:Te... Read More »

How long is a queen mattress?

According to the Better Sleep Council, a queen mattress is approximately 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. A king mattress is the same length as a queen mattress, but 76 inches wide.Source:The Bet... Read More »