How long should a man wait to call a girl of his choice.?

Answer Why 50??? Sounds a little childish!!!So you ain't serious about your question???PEOPLE DON'T ENTERTAIN THIS QUESTION... NO POINT!!! ;)

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After applying for a job how long should i wait to call them and see if i got the job?

Best bet, don't wait. Keep looking for other jobs, that way, if it doesn't work out you haven't lost any time. Besides, you might find something better. If you haven't heard anything after a week, ... Read More »

How Long Should I Wait Before I Call After a First Date?

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I just got an adsl internet and internet is running slow, should i wait few days or i should call my isp?

No you should not wait as the problem is likely to persist call you ISP and ask them what is going on maybe they can give you a clear answer as it is their responsibility to know.

How long should i wait to get tested for hiv?

On One Hand: 16 Day MinimumAfter becoming infected with HIV the time between infection and when testing can be accurate is a minimum of 16 days. It takes a minimum of 16 days for the antibodies in ... Read More »