How long should a fractured pinky bone be in a splint?

Answer On One Hand: Splints Offer StabilityIt generally takes about four to six weeks for a fractured pinky bone to heal in a splint. The splint will keep the finger immobile and provide stability. It is ... Read More »

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How to Splint a Fractured Rib in the Wilderness?

Rib injuries are very painful, and breathing may be excruciating. A punctured lung is not usual, but that and a collapsed lung is possible. What can you do while getting help? Read on.

How to Splint a Fractured Hand?

A fractured bone in the hand can be extremely painful. The slightest movement can exasperate the pain and possibly cause further injury. Splint a fractured hand as soon as possible after the injury... Read More »

How to Splint a Fractured Elbow in the Wilderness?

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How to Make a Traction Splint for a Fractured Femur?

One of the most painful of all injuries that one can suffer is a fractured femur. Not only is this an excruciatingly painful injury, it is inherently dangerous. The broken femur bone is dangerously... Read More »