How long should a dental crown last?

Answer On One Hand: Proper Oral CareA crown should last a lifetime, according to the Colgate-Palmolive Company. As long as the patient continues to use proper dental hygiene, crowns are made to last. Occa... Read More »

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How Much Should I Pay for a Dental Crown?

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Should I Replace a 45 Year Old Dental Crown?

Each state has a judicial procedure in place to handle "small" claims. Typically, these types of claims do not involve heavy issues of fact and the amount in controversy is relatively minor. In Ari... Read More »

How long does it take to make an impression for a dental crown?

With older technology, the process of getting a dental crown involved at least two visits to the dentist and a two week waiting period. Today, with the latest porcelain crown procedures, dentists c... Read More »

How long do dental ultrasonic cleaners last?

The lifespan of dental ultrasonic cleaners is relatively short, ranging from three to five years. Although ultrasonic dental cleaners are excellent for hard-to-clean dental tools, this utility is o... Read More »