How long should a child sleep in the parents room?

Answer It matters, girls mature faster than guys yet they tend to get more scared. About until 5 or 6. Maybe 7 but that seems a little old and if. If you mean when should child get their own room is about... Read More »

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How long should you wait to sleep in a room that was just painted with spray paint?

Once the paint has dried, it becomes non-toxic so allow the fumes to vent and dissipate by running a fan and opening a window and you shouldn't have any problem.

If the parents are giving a friend their child how can the adult accepting the child become legally bonded so the parents cannot take custody of the child at some future time?

Answer Parents cannot "give" a child to someone.All parties must follow the required adoption or guardianship procedures according to the laws of the state and through the appropriate state court.... Read More »

Should a 7 month old baby sleep with its parents?

On One Hand: Co-Sleeping BenefitsWhen a baby normally sleeps in the parent's bed, it is called co-sleeping or bed-sharing. Pediatric physician and author Dr. William Sears, is one of many proponent... Read More »

Should dad sleep in the same room with their 11 year old daughter?

NO, NEVER, AND NO WAY!!! If he does (or has been) you should tell someone you trust like a teacher, minister, or neighbor. This is not normal or safe behavior.