How long should a bird have full spectrum lighting each day?

Answer Birds need an amount of light per day that would be equal to a normal sunlight schedule or approximately 12 hours per day. If you are indoors and must use spectrum lighting, be sure it is designed ... Read More »

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Is full spectrum lighting good for birds?

Providing artificial sunlight with full spectrum lighting to improve a bird's health is not well researched. Questions remain about how much birds need UV light, which lights provide the right abou... Read More »

Which type of lighting produces all the colors of the visible spectrum?

The two most readily available types of full spectrum lighting are halogens and full spectrum daylight florescent tubes. Halogens have the same kelvin temperature as incandescent bulbs but emit a f... Read More »

What is full spectrum light?

Full-spectrum lighting creates light similar to natural sunlight in your home and office. Products used to achieve this effect include bulbs, fluorescent tubes, light therapy lamps and dawn simulat... Read More »

Uses of Full Spectrum Lights?

Full-spectrum lighting fixtures provide an artificial simulation of the spectrum available in natural sunlight. The body uses and needs natural sunlight to function properly. From the ability to ab... Read More »