How long should a 14 year old boy last when having sex?

Answer umm idk, im about to be 14 and i only really last about 2-3 mins, but if you masterbate before sex i can prob last like 7-9 mins.

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How long should a laptop battery last when it is unplugged?

Yes streaming videos and playing games while the laptop is unplugged will definitely drain the battery faster!Most laptops can run for at least 1 hr off just the battery. However there are many oth... Read More »

EFC this year is 4700 as an independent. Last year I made 19k but I'm not working this year. What should I do?

You need to report this change to your financial aid office at your college/university and they will report it to FAFSA. Yes, it will reduce the EFC since you are not working.

How long does the Hep B vaccination last My 12 year old son had this at birth and his school is now offering this vaccination for the grade 7s. Should he be vaccinated a 2nd time?

The hepatitis vaccine consists of more than one dose. If your child did not receive the second and third in the series of vaccinations, it may be wise to revaccinate. There is no risk in revaccinat... Read More »

How long will a prepared pan of lasagna last in the fridge before having to bake it?

The longer it stays in the refrigerator the mushier it will become. This should be cooked as soon as it is made to prevent mushyness.