How long should I warm a car before changing the oil?

Answer On One Hand: Use CautionThe National Automotive Parts Association---better known today by its acronym, NAPA---recommends running the engine for five minutes to warm it. Warm oil will drain faster a... Read More »

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How long should I let my motorcycle warm up before taking off?

bran new bike let it idle a few minutes.always check fluids first .oil all ways

How Long Should I Wait Before Changing My Belly Button Ring?

The Modern Language Association (MLA) publishes guidelines for the proper citation of sources. In college, you may find yourself needing to format term papers according to MLA style, which is most ... Read More »

How long does it take before you can tell you are pregnant and how long before you should feel symptoms?

2 weeks after intercourse. Well, with me I had symptoms a week before I got pregnant so i don't know everyones body is diffrentAnswerHmmm, you say you knew you were pg a week before? My breasts hav... Read More »

How long before an HP 38 vivera ink cartridge needs changing?

According to, the Vivera 38 ink cartridge can print about 3000 4x6 color photos, or 1500 sheets of paper before the cartridge needs to be changed. Page amount will vary based on the printer ... Read More »