How long should I wait to dye my hair back to brown, just bleached?

Answer Dying your hair is damaging period. It really doesn't matter how long you wait. Obviously you shouldn't constantly be dying your hair though. Lol. You can dye it now. I've dyed my hair a day after ... Read More »

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How to Dye Bleached-Blonde Hair to Brown?

Whether your bleached-blonde hair color didn't turn out the way you had hoped or your tired of the blonde and want to go back to your natural brown hair color, it can be tough to make the transiti... Read More »

How to Color Bleached Hair Brown?

Coloring bleached hair to a natural brown can be tricky and requires patience. Applying a box of brown color without properly preparing the hair can turn bleached locks to an ash green, gray or oth... Read More »

I bleached my hair, can I dye it light brown ?

What you can do to repair the damage is a deep condition on your hair. Take a half a bottle of conditioner on wet hair and use it like a mask, then put a very hot towel on your head for 10-15 minut... Read More »

How long should you wait to sleep in a room that was just painted with spray paint?

Once the paint has dried, it becomes non-toxic so allow the fumes to vent and dissipate by running a fan and opening a window and you shouldn't have any problem.