How long should I marinade a steak?

Answer Depends on the ingredients in the steak marinade you bought. If it contains any type of acid, mostly some sort of vinegar, or citric acid (lime, lemon, etc.) its best to not marinate it any longer... Read More »

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How to Marinade Steak in Soy Sauce?

If you wish to add the taste of soy sauce to your steak, marinating the meat in the sauce is likely the best option. In addition to infusing the meat with flavor, marinating tenderizes the steak an... Read More »

How to Make a Good Steak Marinade?

Have you ever had to make a steak and it comes out dry and tasteless.Well now you never have to worry abut that problem when you use the following marinade to cook your steak.

Do you know a good recipe for steak marinade?

2 T Montreal Steak Seasoning1/2 C of olive oil1/4 C of soy sauceMix together in a bag, add steak and marinate for a 4-6 hours.This is a great recipe without a ton of ingredients, you'll love it!!!

Too long to marinade pork ribs?

Its perfect for the time for the ribs in the marinade, and don't worry of killing the ribs, the animal is already dead, guess what I like to add some acid like sprite or 7 up, even beer to moisten... Read More »