How long should I expect my butt to remain hot?

Answer lol @ your question titleI'd say 30 min to an hour?

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How long do you remain a spirit before being reincarnated?

On One Hand: It All DependsYou are a spiritual being having a physical experience. According to different psychic sources, the matter of when a soul incarnates into a physical body is determined by... Read More »

How long does nicotine remain in the body?

After you smoke a cigarette you will feel the immediate effects of nicotine for about 40 minutes, which is the length of time it takes the drug to leave your brain. Traces of nicotine, however, wil... Read More »

How long does a DUI remain on your criminal record?

A DUI (driving under the influence) charge can remain on your criminal record forever. It does not automatically disappear after a certain amount of time. If you want to have a DUI removed from you... Read More »

How long does CPR certification remain valid?

The expiration date of your CPR certification depends on the certifying organization. For example, certification through the American Heart Association remains valid for two years, while certificat... Read More »