How long should I be cooking my lasagna in a glass lasagna dish?

Answer I probably cook it about that much, but I don't use foil. I bake it 25 min at 375, then lower the temperature to 325 and bake for a further 15-25 minutes (or until brown, hot through, and sufficie... Read More »

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Do you have to boil lasagna noodles before making lasagna?

Dried lasagna noodles soften without precooking if the sauce contains enough moisture. However, boiling lasagna noodles before assembling the lasagna removes some of the pasta's starch, ensuring th... Read More »

Can you make whole wheat lasagna without cooking the noodles first?

Yes, you can skip the time-consuming step of boiling the whole wheat lasagna noodles. Just layer them into your casserole dish with a bit of sauce beneath them to provide moisture as they cook. The... Read More »

What is a good side dish for lasagna?

Lasagna really doesn't need a side dish. Just Garlic bread. Red wine at room temp. and something light and simple for dessert, like vanilla ice cream.

How to Make a Quilted Cover for a Lasagna Dish?

How many times have you made your favorite lasagna for a potluck dinner or other social gathering only to have it arrive cold. Or perhaps you have struggled to keep it warm with an unwieldy creatio... Read More »