How long on average do Gardina Plants live?

Answer When speaking of plants "life span" is not usually used. We talk about average life spans for trees because they can become dangerous in decline, and difficult to remove due to their size. But, s... Read More »

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How long can sun plants live in darkness?

Plants need sun, or another type of light such as a garden grow light, to grow. Plants make chlorophyll from light through photosynthesis, which in turn provides the bright green color and life to ... Read More »

How Long Do Cucumber Plants Live?

Fresh or pickled, cucumbers are one of the favorite vegetables to grow in the garden. Cucumbers love the full sun of summer, but according to USA Gardener, they should never be allowed to wilt if y... Read More »

How long can plants live without sunlight?

A plant deprived of sunlight can survive indefinitely under artificial lighting. The longest a plant can survive without any light at all is around six months, depending on the species of plant and... Read More »

How long do cut plants live in water?

The amount of time that cut plants can live in water varies. Some flowers, such as irises and tulips, can only live in water for approximately seven days, while tropical flowers can live up to thre... Read More »