How long must you wait before you can plant an apple seed?

Answer Apple seeds need a period of stratification before they are ready to plant. Mix seeds with barely moist peat moss, then put the mixture into a plastic bag. Store in the refrigerator for two month... Read More »

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How Long Should I Wait Before Planting an Apple Seed?

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How do I plant an apple seed straight from the apple?

Extract the seeds from an apple and allow the seeds to dry in a cool place. Once the outside of the seeds have no moisture, place the seeds in a seeding tray and cover with approximately 4/10 of an... Read More »

How do i plant an apple seed?

Extract and Wash the SeedExtract the seeds from a mature apple and wash them thoroughly. You will need many seeds to start with to produce a plant because only about 30 percent of seeds will germin... Read More »

How long to wait to plant after using weed killer?

how long do i have to wait after applying weed killer before i plant