How long must you own your home before refinancing?

Answer According to Lending Tree, there is no required time period to own a home before you refinance. However, because of the closing costs involved with refinancing you should try to minimize the amount... Read More »

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How long must you have your permit before you can obtain your motorcycle endorsement?

First, you need to figure out where in the world you are. Laws vary, and you are afraid of letting anyone tell you where you are. Then you need to figure out your age, and if you already have any... Read More »

How long must you wait before you can plant an apple seed?

Apple seeds need a period of stratification before they are ready to plant. Mix seeds with barely moist peat moss, then put the mixture into a plastic bag. Store in the refrigerator for two month... Read More »

What are the guidelines for refinancing your home?

To refinance a home, a borrower must meet certain requirements. These vary based upon the type of loan chosen, whether it is a conventional or a government loan.SignificanceLoan guidelines help a l... Read More »

What does refinancing your home do?

When you refinance your home you are restructuring the terms and conditions of your mortgage loan. Most people refinance to receive more favorable terms and save money.SignificanceRefinancing can h... Read More »