How long must you be single to file as single on taxes?

Answer According to the Internal Revenue Agency, a taxpayer may file under single status if she is single, divorced or legally separated on the last day of the tax year being filed.Source:Internal Revenue... Read More »

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Can a married person file taxes as single?

A married person can only file taxes as single if he is legally separated from his spouse. However, two married persons can still file taxes separately. This is known as "married filing separately.... Read More »

Getting married. Is it better to file taxes 'single' or 'jointly'?

It is far better to continue to file Single until the begining of the new year. If you owe taxes now, try increasing your W-4.You change your W-4 whenever and as often as YOU want. Your employer ... Read More »

How long is the single silk thread in a single cocoon?

One thread of a silkworm cocoon makes up the entire cocoon and measures 914 meters or approximately 2,998 feet. It takes 3,000 silkworm cocoons to make one pound of silk.References:University of Ar... Read More »

Can I file my taxes as married filing single if I was just married in October?

Married filing single is not a tax filing status. You cannot file your income taxes as a single person if you are married as of the last day of the year. However, you are permitted to choose to fil... Read More »