How long must an employer keep occupational exposure records?

Answer 30 Years

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How far back does a employer look at criminal records?

Your employer can look at background information as far back as the records in your county are kept. It is highly likely that any criminal information will be uncovered by an employer who diligentl... Read More »

Can an employer find out your military discharge records?

Your military records are public domain once you're discharged. If they want to make the effort, all they have to do is request a copy from the National Personnel Records Centre. It can even be don... Read More »

How long do occupational therapists go to school?

To gain entry into a career as an occupational therapist, an individual needs to have a minimum of a master's degree in occupational therapy. Certification by the Accreditation Council for Occupati... Read More »

How to Take Long Exposure Photographs During the Day?

Boat is stationary, water is notShooting long exposure can help you take pictures of subjects that you normally can't get. Times when it's a little dim or if you want to have stationary items and i... Read More »