How long must I wait to dye my hair after perming?

Answer On One Hand: Wait Seven DaysPerming is a chemical process intended to alter hair texture. With any dramatic follicle change, damage is likely. Adding additional chemicals, such as hair color dyes, ... Read More »

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Yo: How long do you wait to shampoo, after getting your hair colored/coloring your own hair?

I was got a perm, for beautiful golden brown curls..I came home with corn rows on my head and a little orphan annie look...I washed, against the wishes of my stylist, immediately upon looking in th... Read More »

How Long to Wait to Re-Dye Hair?

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How long do i have to wait to dye my hair again?

On One Hand: Is the dye permanent?Permanent dyes employ chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide in order to permanently change hair color. To avoid extensive damage to hair, permanent dyes should on... Read More »

How long do you wait to re-dye your hair?

To avoid damaging or breaking your hair, wait at least two weeks for color correction re-dyes and four to six weeks for re-dyeing your entire head of hair with the same color or switching to a new ... Read More »