How long it takes to dry bay leaves?

Answer Depends on your climate and the method of drying. I use a drying rack, place the individual leaves on the screening and have them in my still room. It takes about a week.

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How long does it takes for any bluetooth headseat takes to stop working left on?

It depends on the battery and the head set, some as little as a few hours, some several days...

Does a father have any legal rights if his wife leaves him and takes their child?

Answer If you weren't abusive, an alcoholic or into drugs and your wife just left you, then she has no right to keep your child away from you. However, if you choose to see your child then it's yo... Read More »

What to do when your wife leaves withought any warning and takes your son with her you try to ring she ignore the calls send 100 text no reply?

Answer Yes! Every month my breasts hurt very bad from ovulation to my period and this month they didn't hurt at all and I'm 4 weeks 5 days pregnant! They still don't hurt to bad just more achey and... Read More »

Under HIPPAA if a pregnant worker leaves job and within 63 days husband takes a new job with group coverage will it cover the pregnancy preexisting?

Answer Only if she was covered by a qualified group plan and elected COBRA can she be added to husbands with no lapse in coverage, thus not pre-existing. You may want to check your state, but my u... Read More »