How long is your ideal nap/power sleep?

Answer I do not feel guilty about taking naps. Sleep, even a nap, helps enhance my own information processing and learning. A mid-day nap reverses information overload. Short naps (30 minutes to one ho... Read More »

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What is the ideal amount of sleep for a nap?

Hi Ask Mike,The best time of day to take a nap is between 1:00pm and 2:30pm. An ideal nap, should last 15 to 20 minutes. More than 30 and you may end up with sleep inertia — and feel even more gr... Read More »

How long did you Co-sleep with your baby?

i co-slept until my son was 8 months old...and he went into his crib with less crying than MOST babies who slept in cribs from birth...after two days of mild crying he was completely okay with goin... Read More »

How long should you sleep when your a baby?

How to Create Your Ideal Day?

Can you imagine what an ideal "average" day for you would be like? Most of us simply live day by day putting up with things that comes to us moment by moment, reacting to this and reacting to that.... Read More »