How long does a colon detox take?

Answer A colon detox is also known as a colon cleanse. The amount of time a colon detox takes varies, depending on the program that you choose. Many colon detox programs last for seven days, although some... Read More »

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How long do the symptoms of perforated colon take?

Depending on how severe it is but if you feel any symptoms, notify a health care provider as it needs to be seen right away; If you experience vomiting & fever, go to ER as this is life threatening.

How to Cleanse Your Colon Naturally Without Buying Colon Cleanser?

Your colon was meant to be cleansed naturally by your diet, but sometimes it is hard to eat the right foods. Changing your eating and drinking habits can cleanse your colon naturally. Also, eating ... Read More »

Can you eat as you colon cleanse?

People who are taking part in an herbal colon cleansing regimen should eat during the process. Suggested foods include raw egg yolks and small amounts of organic meat and fish.Source:Colon Cleansin... Read More »

How to Use a Colon in a Sentence?

Ah, the venerable colon. It's seen everywhere, in all the right places, introducing us to people we should know, pointing the way to the answers we seek. And yet it remains a mystery to so many. "H... Read More »