How long is voice mail saved on a phone?

Answer On One Hand: It Depends on Your CompanySet storage retention times on voice messages are anywhere from seven days to around 100. Most companies are somewhere in between. Verizon, for example, has 2... Read More »

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How long is voice mail saved on a Verizon Wireless phone?

Messages in Verizon Wireless voice mail can be saved for 21 days. After 21 days, the message can re-saved for an additional 21 days. Verizon Wireless allows 20 voice mails to be saved per inbox.Ref... Read More »

How Can I Access My Saved Voice Mail on a Cricket Phone?

Cricket voice mail allows callers to leave you a message on a voice mailbox, if you are unable to answer the phone. You can then listen to the message and select an option to save the message to re... Read More »

Why call from home phone to office phone directly goes to voice mail?

It could be due to some setting in your phone and call system.

Is it possible to just "buy" a phone number with voice-mail and no phone or land line?

yes, with and its free!! you also can use the call-forward feature!!the VM is fantastic....