How long is too long to wait to punish a 5 year old for lying?

Answer Answer Whenever you find out about the lie is the time you decide on the punishment. Your child kept the lie alive and well until you found out, so on with the punishment! This teaches your child t... Read More »

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How Long Is A "Very Long Wait" On Netflix?

It really depends. I think that's a generic message you get when there are only a few copies available and they're all out, and Netflix has no real idea when they'll be back. I had one movie in m... Read More »

Can long wool underwear be worn all year long?

Long wool underwear can be worn year-round if you want, but the extra clothing can become too hot and cumbersome in warm weather. The purpose of long underwear is to wick away moisture and provide ... Read More »

How long do you have to wait after a UTI before having sex?

On One Hand: Men with UTIUrinary Tract Infections (UTI) have varying degrees of seriousness, based on where the infection occurs and whether it's severe or mild. If it's severe, there will probably... Read More »

How long do i wait to go to the dr.?