How long is the train ride from zurich to chiasso?

Answer The train ride from Zurich, Switzerland to Chiasso, Switzerland takes about three hours and 34 minutes. Take the IR train from Zurich to Arth-Goldau, then transfer to the ICN train headed southboun... Read More »

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How to Sit Comfortably Through a Long Train Ride?

Most train rides shouldn't be too long, but if it's one of those international or cross-country rides that take many hours, follow these steps to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable ride. No matter wha... Read More »

How long is a 57 mile train ride?

I laughed when I saw this question, but decided that your choice of words was worth answering it. Assuming that you intended "long" to indicate the length of time, the answer would be about an hour... Read More »

How do you keep yourself busy on a long train ride?

Well, I blow the whistle and ring the bell a lot, check on the track warrants and bulletins, monitor the air pressure. watch the train for any defects that may arise causing potential danger. Speed... Read More »

How long does a train ride from Vermont to NYC take?

The travel by train to the New York Penn Station takes:☻on the Ethan Allen Express from:• Rutland â–¬ 5:35 hours• Castleton â–¬ 5:16 hours☻on the Vermonter from:• St. Albans â–¬ 9:54 hour... Read More »