How long is the total healing time after breast reduction surgery?

Answer I was out of work for two weeks, and then slowly worked my way back up into full activities after a month.I was able to shower 24 hours after surgery BUT some PS's want you to wait a few days... d... Read More »

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As a man with B cup breasts, should I get risky breast reduction surgery?

i would say no ....DONT risky surgery is not the way to go. your wife loves u the way u are and doesnt want surgery so dont worry. just workout more healthy eating relax loads of men have them and... Read More »

What is the healing time after rotator cuff surgery?

Rotator cuff surgery is an outpatient procedure that heals in several phases, which includes immobilization, active training, strengthening and full activity. Each patient's recovery time differs b... Read More »

After having a breast reduction if pregnant would your breast be sore?

Probably yes, from what I have heard, they get sore anyway, and if you had surgery on them that could cause more pain.

How long it will take if I break my ankle ligament and undergo surgery It is a total ligament rupture. ?

I had the same surgery in march so about 5 months ago or 150 days. It has taken me about 120 days to start to walk a little normally and they reckon 9 months to feel fully. You ankle is healing nor... Read More »