Who is the lead singer on"Green Grass& High Tides"?

Answer Hughie Thomasson, lead singer and founding band member of Southern rock group The Outlaws, and member of the Fender Hall of Fame, was lead singer on "Green Grass & High Tides," from the album "The ... Read More »

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Facts About High & Low Tides?

Tides are naturally occurring rises and falls in the level of water in oceans, bays, gulfs and inlets. They are the direct result of the moon's gravitational pull on earth. The moon's gravity creat... Read More »

Who sang the original green green grass of home?

Porter Wagoner sang the original version of "Green, Green Grass of Home" in 1964. Bobby Bare followed this by releasing his version of the song in 1965. "Green, Green Grass of Home" was written by ... Read More »

Who sang"The Green Green Grass of Home"?

"The old hometown looks the same, as I step down from the train. It's so good to touch the green green grass of home." Curly Putman composed the song in 1965. Johnny Darrell, a part-time singer and... Read More »

Who sings"Green Green Grass of Home"?

The song "Green, Green Grass of Home" was made popular by country singer Tom Jones. It is the title track on his 1967 album of the same name. The song was originally released by Johnny Darrell and ... Read More »