How long is the nose of the Statue of Liberty?

Answer The nose of the Statue of Liberty is 4 feet 6 inches long, according to the National Park Service. If Liberty could scratch that nose, she might use her 8-foot-long index finger. Such enormous body... Read More »

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How long is the torch that the Statue of Liberty is holding?

According to the Board of Cooperative Educational Services of Monroe County, New York, the Statue of Liberty's torch measures 21 feet long. This compares to a height of 305 feet from the base of th... Read More »

How long would it take for an extreme storm to flood over the Statue of Liberty?

It would take an enormous amount of water, more than a storm could produce, to flood the Statue of Liberty. Consider this: if all the icecaps melted, the resulting water would still only cover the ... Read More »

How long does the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty& Ellis Island take?

Statue Cruises operate daily schedules from both Battery Park in Manhattan and Liberty Park in New Jersey. From Battery Park travel time to the Statue of Liberty is 15 minutes, and, after a 10-minu... Read More »

Does the U.S. own the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by France and dedicated in 1886. Over the years the statue has been overseen by the Department of War and the Lighthouse Board. It is currently ... Read More »