How to Dress Like Edmund Pevensie in Prince Caspian?

Answer Edmund is the character who changes the most in Prince Caspian. He still has a sarcastic attitude but he uses it only when necessary, and he is no longer a bratty little boy; he is a wise handsome ... Read More »

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Is The chronicles of narnia a very good movie?

It was an exceptional movie, especially from Disney. The acting was superb, the action was superb, but they animaters wasted all of their time perfecting Aslan that they forgot to finish up those ... Read More »

Does anyone know about a movie with a princess locked in a castle and a prince comes to save her with a flute?

Might be "ABC Weekend Specials" The Magic Flute (1994)…

Which prince kisses& awakens Sleeping Beauty in the Walt Disney movie?

According to the official Disney Archives, the prince in "Sleeping Beauty" is named Prince Philip. Prince Philip fights a fire-breathing dragon and kisses Princess Aurora to break the spell and wak... Read More »

How long did the Fresh Prince of BelAir run?

== Answer == will smith was known as the fresh prince i hope that answers your Q Fresh Prince of BelAir ran from 1990-1996 (I know all useless stuff aobut this show haha)