Are Justin Bieber's brother and sister his step brother and step sister or are they fully related?

Answer Justin Bieber has a younger half sister named Jazmyn Kathleen Bieber who was born on May 30th 2008. He also has a younger half brother named Jaxon Julian Bieber who was born November 20th 2009. Th... Read More »

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What is the age by law can a step brother and step sister share a bedroom in the state of Texas?

Guidelines for Cutting Long Hair Step-by-Step?

If you just haven't got time for the hairdresser, follow a few easy steps to cut your own long hair into a perfect style. Does this Spark an idea?

If a brother and sister have the same mother but different father are they step brother and sister?

No here they are still brother and sister, but they do have a stepfather.

Can you have a step-brother-in-law?

If your spouse has a step-brother, then you can consider him to be your step-brother-in-law if you want. However, the term is rarely used. Most would either call him a brother-in-law or consider hi... Read More »