In the movie titanic?

Answer Those two actors were never in the movie.

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What the complication in the movie titanic?

your question does not make sense but i will try and answer it. On the movie the boat kept tipping sieways instead of straight up in the air like to real titanic, so that was a difficulty

Which movie do u luv more TITANIC or ROMEO AND JULIET?

Titanic .. obvious choice!it was much more than just a love story.. and how could u forget the 11 oscars!

What movie is better: Titanic or King Kong?

In What Year Was the Movie"Titanic"Made?

There have been two films about the RMS Titanic titled "Titanic." The first Titanic film, starring Barbara Stanwyck, was released in 1953. The second Titanic film, produced by James Cameron and sta... Read More »