How do I Burn a Movie to a DVD Disk If the Movie Is More Than Two Hours Long?

Answer Burning a movie to DVD is done on the Windows operating system by using the Windows DVD Maker software program. Typically the length of movie that can be burned to a DVD disk is up to two hours. If... Read More »

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What country was the movie"Braveheart"set in?

The popular 1995 movie "Braveheart," starring Mel Gibson, takes place mainly in Scotland. In the film, 13th-century Scottish rebel William Wallace brings together the Scots to overthrow English rul... Read More »

Favourite movie about murder in a small country town?

Everyone's saying Fargo, I haven't seen it :P So....Animal Kingdom! Most definitely!!! Guy Pearce :D :D :DBQ: AAaahhhhhh "Snowtownn!!!" makes me want to jump out the window/my spine tingle/stomach ... Read More »

How long did it take for the US to become an indepentdent country?

4 years if you have a bachelors degree, but for masters, 2 more years. So your total is 6 years.

How long can you have a U.S. passport when living outside the country?

A passport is a legal document that provides proof of citizenship. U.S. citizens living abroad are entitled to remain in possession of their passports indefinitely. The United States has embassies ... Read More »