Where is the Missouri River on a map?

Answer The Missouri River begins in the Rocky Mountains in southern Montana, flows northward and then in a gradual southeast direction to north of St. Louis, Missouri, where it joins with the Mississippi ... Read More »

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Are there northern pike in the Missouri River?

Northern pike are found throughout the Missouri River from its origins in Montana to its junction with the Mississippi River near St. Louis, Missouri. Northern pike prefer cooler water and climate ... Read More »

Elk Hunting in Missouri River Breaks?

With a total elk population of 150,000, Montana is a top elk hunting destination. For hunters looking for an excellent opportunity at a successful elk hunt, consider the Missouri River Breaks, loca... Read More »

How long is the Mackenzie River?

The Mackenzie river is the longest river in Canada at 1,738 kilometers, or just under 1,080 miles. It starts at the at Great Slave Lake, which is filled by the Athabasca and Peace rivers, and drain... Read More »

How long is the Rhine River?

The Rhine River begins in the Swiss Alps and flows 766 miles through six countries on its journey to the North Sea. A typographical error in the 1930's misrepresented the Rhine's length in referen... Read More »