What is the longest road in South Africa?

Answer The N1. It runs from Cape Town to almost Zimbabwe. South Africa also boasts one of the best road system networks in the world.

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What is the longest gun in the world?

The longest gun in the world is the punt gun. It is a 12-gauge shotgun and is used by the police. It is so heavy that it requires two people to move the gun and must be mounted on punts, hence its ... Read More »

What is the fastest road car in the world?

The SSC Ultimate Aero, built in the U.S., is the fastest road car in the world. The Ultimate Aero is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine and tops out at a blistering 257 miles per hour. The SS... Read More »

Whats the longest pregnancy in the world?

For a baby that ended up living it was 375 days, for a baby that had died in the womb and was calcified would be a woman who got pregnant, the baby had died inside her and it was in her and she lef... Read More »

What are the 2 longest escalators in the world?

The longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world is at the Central-Mid-levels Escalators in Hong Kong. It is the world’s longest outdoor escalator system (not a single escalator span), a... Read More »