How long is the longest labour?

Answer About 20 hours?

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What is the longest time spent in labour?

Some women in history have been known to be in labour for up to 3 weeks. Nowadays a woman would usually receive a c section after about 30 hours if the baby is yet to crown.

What is longest labour strike record in world?

The Penrhyn Quarry strike in North Wales lasted from 1900 to 1903. I think that's the longest.

How long after having sex will labour start?

Answer It is imposssible to say, there are far too many variables.  Even with a measured dose of prostaglandin or pitocin labour cannot be calculated, one of the mysteries of childbirth.

How long after show does labour start?

i want to know the same thing.I am 39+4 weeks pregnant with my 1st. Had a show this morning. Do wonder when could i go in to labour?