How long is the hepatitis vaccine good for?

Answer According to the World Health Organization, one dose of the Hepatitis A vaccination will provide short-term protection against the disease. However, by following manufacturers' recommendations for ... Read More »

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What is the hepatitis a and b vaccine?

Hepatitis A is an acute liver disease associated with unsanitary conditions that can be spread through close contact or ingesting contaminated food or drink. Hepatitis B is a lingering disease that... Read More »

Chimps & the Hepatitis Vaccine?

Chimpanzees have been the primary subjects for hepatitis research since the 1970s. Their marked genetic similarity to humans makes them valuable sources for information about new drugs and vaccines... Read More »

Which vaccine is given for hepatitis B?

The hepatitis B vaccine is given to prevent hepatitis B. It is given in 3 separate shots with specific and important timing.

What is the origin of the hepatitis B vaccine?

The hepatitis B virus can seriously affect the liver. The virus is spread from one person to another through body fluids and blood. To prevent the transmission of the virus, the hepatitis B vaccine... Read More »