How long is the flight from dublin to barcelona?

Answer The flight from Dublin to Barcelona takes approximately two and a half hours on the way there, and two hours 40 minutes on the return, if you take a nonstop flight. The distance between the two air... Read More »

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How long is a flight from LAX to Dublin, Ireland?

A flight between LAX International Airport in Los Angeles, California and Dublin Airport in Dublin, Ireland takes roughly 10 hours and 20 minutes. The flight, which travels northeast across North A... Read More »

How long is a flight from la to new zealand?

The approximate flying time for a commercial flight from Los Angeles, California to New Zealand is 12 hours. Landing delays and layovers can, however, significantly add to your flight time.Referenc... Read More »

How long is the flight from BWI to Hawaii?

When traveling from Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) in Baltimore, Maryland, to Hawaii, a typical flight takes around 11 to 13 hours, depending on your layover (since no direct flig... Read More »

How long is the flight to Ireland from the US?

The flight from New York to Dublin, Ireland, lasts about 6 ½ hours. From Los Angeles, a direct flight takes approximately 10 hours. From Chicago to Dublin, the flight takes about 7 1/2 hours.Sourc... Read More »