How long is the first trimester during pregnancy?

Answer Generally, the first trimester of a 40-week pregnancy lasts 13 weeks, with the second trimester beginning in week 14. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the first trimester is when wo... Read More »

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Why do you get so thirsty during the first trimester?

Foods to Avoid in the First Trimester?

The beginning of a pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it comes with the responsibility of providing a safe and healthy environment for another human being. While every woman and every pregnanc... Read More »

Can one be pregnant and still ovulate in first trimester?

Answer No, unless you are one of the 1% that still has periods for part or all of the pregnancy. But that is very, very rare. If you are still having periods, go with not pregnant. If you are no... Read More »

Is it safe to take Tylenol in the first trimester?

On One Hand: Tylenol is SafeIt's OK to take Tylenol during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Three studies involving more than 10,000 newborns exposed to acetaminophen during the first trimest... Read More »