How long is the first period a woman gets after having a baby supposed to last?

Answer Answer This is different for every woman although mine lasted 9 days and they usually lasted 6 or 7 before I had my baby!!! Hope this helps!!!Mine were exactly the same length after having a baby... Read More »

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How long is a baby supposed to be in the womb?

Most people think that a baby is supposed to be in the womb for 36 weeks (9 months) but a baby is supposed to be in the womb for 40 weeks (10 months).

How long are you supposed to breast feed a baby?

Typically, a baby is fed about 15 minutes on each breast 4 to 6 times a day. The baby should be fed exclusively breast milk for the first year of its' life. For the best interest of the child, cont... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if the day you were supposed to ge your period you started to get urinary problems like urinate blood and not get your period?

Answer You have a urinary tract infection. Go see the doctor.

Why am i cramping but i haven't got my period i was supposed to get my period on sep 26 and i still havent got it i had sex like almost 2weeks ago but we used a condom?

I feel ya, im suppose to have my period and i have cramping as well but no period, i have been off depo for 2 months...i'm so worried about being pregnant, i was on birth control in Sept. but dont ... Read More »