How long is the break in supernatural season 3?

Answer four months

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Does season 5 of supernatural is the final season or will there another season ahead?

Both main actors(sam and dean) have signed the dotted line for atleast another season.

What prison break season is final break?

Prison Break the final break is an extra episode to season 4. It is not essential to see but reveals how Michael actually died and how the final break he did was breaking out his wide Sara out of w... Read More »

Does prison break season 4 have the final break?

no the final break is sold in a individual DVD set source: i paid the same for the final break DVD as the whole season 4 DVD however it was only 15 dollars each :)

Did Prison Break seem like the actual plot had actually ended at the end of Season 2 and the plots for Season 3 and 4 each were just additional incidents to keep the series going?

What the show had started over was finally cleared up, but the producers came up with a way to continue it by having Michael Scofield end up in another prison for Season 3 and had all the character... Read More »