How long is the average length of labor before birth?

Answer The average length of labor is about 14 hours for a first pregnancy and about eight hours in subsequent pregnancies. However, many women experience a much longer or shorter labor.

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Average baby length at birth?

42 weeks20.28 inches 8.12 pounds 51.5 cm 3685 gramsthis is the average weight and length i hope this helps sorry about the first answer it was originally a chart but it got scrambled

How long is labor on average with the first pregnancy?

This is a very hard question to answer. When I was younger I worked in labor and delivery. I have seen 20 minute labors and I have sesen 32 hour labors. The amount of time in labor really depends o... Read More »

How long is average women in labor?

until the baby pops out of her vagina

How long does it take the average women to ovulate after giving birth?

It really just depends on the mom her self, every mom is different and some just don't and need to have a c section