How long is the average length of labor before birth?

Answer The average length of labor is about 14 hours for a first pregnancy and about eight hours in subsequent pregnancies. However, many women experience a much longer or shorter labor.

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Average baby length at birth?

42 weeks20.28 inches 8.12 pounds 51.5 cm 3685 gramsthis is the average weight and length i hope this helps sorry about the first answer it was originally a chart but it got scrambled

What are labor signs two weeks before birth?

Labor signs is usually a contraction from lower to upper abdomen which radiates at the back that has a consistenct interval and long duration and frequent thus result to cervical dilation. Mucus pl... Read More »

How do women get eclampsia during labor or before giving birth?

usually because either they don't know that they're pregnant and they drink, do drugs, or are sick, and they get eclampsia, or that it runs in their family.

If you are dilated to a 4 how long before you are in active labor?

It could be later today it could be 3 weeks from now. Just because you are dilated to something doen'nt mean labor is anytime soon...sorry. I have been dilated to a 3 for 2 weeks now :(