How long is the Navy SEAL training?

Answer Navy SEAL training is 30 weeks long and consists of three weeks of indoctrination, seven weeks of basic conditioning, eight weeks of diving, nine weeks of land warfare, and three weeks of basic par... Read More »

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How long is the training for a navy seal?

The training for a navy seal is 25 weeks long. It is divided into three phases. It is a very difficult thing to train for; harder than you ever imagined.

How long is navy seal training?

SEAL training consists of five weeks of indoctrination/pre-training, followed by a three-phased program. Phase one is eight weeks of basic conditioning. Phase two is an eight-week diving school fol... Read More »

What training is worse than Navy Seal training?

Navy Seal Training Tips?

Training to become a Navy SEAL is considered by many to be the most demanding military training in the world. The dropout rate due to physical and mental exhaustion is typically around 75 percent o... Read More »