How long is the Life in the UK test?

Answer The Life in the UK test is for people who are applying for naturalization as a British citizen, or for anyone applying for permanent settlement. The test is made up of 24 questions that have to be ... Read More »

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If you had sex 2 days ago but the condom burst you stopped taking the pill about 4-5 weeks ago you took a pregnancy test and it came back negative how long should you wait before you take another test?

What is the life in the uk test?

A foreign national applying for British citizenship or naturalization must pass the Life In The United Kingdom Test monitored by the Home Office to prove a general knowledge of both the English lan... Read More »

How to Test a Life Raft?

A life raft is a necessity if you use your boat on large bodies on water. You should test all life-saving equipment frequently, and that includes life rafts. All cruise ships do a complete run-thro... Read More »

Do life insurance companies test for drugs?

According to an article from, life insurance companies may check your blood for a variety of preexisting conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis, immune disorders, high cholesterol and ki... Read More »