How long is the Earth's orbit?

Answer The Earth's travels its orbit around the sun, a distance of 584 million miles, each sidereal year. A sidereal year lasts 365 days, 9 minutes and 9.544 seconds. The leap year corrects the discrepanc... Read More »

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How long does Orbit gum last?

Orbit gum is a brand of gum made by Wrigley. It claims to offer a refreshing flavor in the mouth with a "just brushed clean feeling." Wrigley's does not specify a time, but the flavor lasts about 2... Read More »

How long does it take for the moon to orbit the sun?

The moon orbits the earth, and the earth orbits the sun. Therefore, the moon's orbit around the sun coincides with the earth's orbit around the sun. According to the National Aeronautics and Space ... Read More »

How long is a lunar orbit?

A lunar orbit around the Earth takes 27 days, seven hours and 43 minutes. The moon maintains an average distance from Earth of 384,400 km and travels about 3,700 km per hour.Source:Solar Views: Moo... Read More »

How long does neptune take to orbit the sun?

Because Neptune is farther away from the Sun than the Earth, it takes much longer for the planet to complete one full circle or orbit around the sun. In fact, Neptune only makes the entire trip onc... Read More »