How many miles long is the new river gorge bridge?

Answer The New River Gorge Bridge on Highway US-19, which spans New River in West Virginia, is 3,030 feet long. Given that a mile is 5,280 feet, the length of the bridge is 0.57 mile.Source:Roadstothefutu... Read More »

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How far is to china town from golden gate bridge in san francisco?

its too far to walk - more than one hour for sure. taking the bus should be about 30-45 minutes, but you have to take #30 and then transfer to the #28 at laguna street. if you have a car and you ar... Read More »

How far is it from san francisco to seattle in air miles?

San Francisco and Seattle are two popular cities on the west coast of the United States. The air miles between the two cities is 693 (1116.42 kilometers). Non-stop flight times between the two citi... Read More »

How many air miles are there from New York to San Francisco?

The air mile traveling distance between New York, New York, and San Francisco, California, is 2,571 miles. The actual distance between New York City and San Francisco, California, however, is 2,909... Read More »

How many miles is Alcatraz Island to San Francisco?

Alcatraz Island is 1.4 miles from San Francisco. Nicknamed "The Rock," Alcatraz served as a military prison from 1850-1933 before being transferred over to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It famousl... Read More »