How long is shredded coconut good for?

Answer According to a cupboard storage chart published by Kansas Statue University, shredded coconut stored in a sealed can or package is good for up to 12 months. If the package is opened and refrigerate... Read More »

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Can shredded coconut be frozen?

Coconut flesh and coconut water (juice) is freezable. Shredded coconut can be frozen in air-tight containers or plastic bags. The National Center for Home Food Preservation recommends leaving some ... Read More »

How long will a coconut in the shell keep?

Fresh coconuts will last about three weeks. Brown coconuts will last up to two weeks. Store coconuts in a dry location to prevent mildew. Never buy coconuts that are dry inside, cracked or leaking,... Read More »

** coconut oil - good for you **?

Yes!! Raw coconut oil is super good for you! You can use it for things other than eating too, its super good for your hair and in lipbalm! Its not processed as much so its got a higher nutritonal v... Read More »

How long does fresh coconut last in the refrigerator?

Fresh unopened coconuts could last up to 4 months, depending upon their freshness when purchased. Freshly grated coconut will last only a few days in the fridge. If you want to keep it longer than ... Read More »