How long is santas sickly pink hand?

Answer ANSWER: It may be one of two diseases that could be the cause. It may also be the lack of moisture, but normally not as the plant would return to normal after a good rain or watering. BACTERIAL WIL... Read More »

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Is it best to paint ur room pink with pink carpet and pink bed covers?

Why are all vegans pale and sickly looking?

I have a vegan friend - he don't look pale and sickly - he's West Indian

How to Tell if a Newborn Puppy Is Sickly?

Pups can be healthy, but if they are sickly, it's a problem. They key is how to know if a pup is sickly.

Why do people say to me that I look 'Sickly Pale'?

...You're pale because it's winter. You don't exactly spend the most amount of time outside because it's too cold to, so no one (unless they use tanning beds, which I never recommend, or were born ... Read More »